Antiquarians new and old

It was Henry Ford who said 'History is bunk.'
We beg to disagree. An understanding of the past is a prerequisite to an understanding of the present.
This area is indebted to many people - writers, researchers, etc. - who have taken an active interest in examining the past and, in many cases recording what they have discovered either in historical journals, in some cases books, or in some cases with slide / powerpoint presentations.
Local historians
Brenda Fox (pictured)
Bob Dobson
Christine Storey
Terry Mansfield
Don Stringfellow
Ted Lightbown
Paul Smith
Jean Fone
Paul Smith
Janet Nelson
Brian Hughes
There are many local historians and antiquarians, now deceased, who have contributed greatly, to local historical research. These include:
Anthony Hewitson
Allen Clarke
Wilf Curwen
Hedlie Lawrenson
Dick Watson
Albert Clayton
Brian Marshall
Digging up the past...some early members of Pilling Historical Society including Mr Sobee and Headlie Lawrenson
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